We celebrate the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the sober and the hedonistic. Our inspiration comes from unique individuals with extravagant tastes, wild nights, creative expressions and artistic licenses. We respond to our customers’ and collaborators’ sense of personal style and expression, and we are motivated by an innate sense of Scandinavian style as well as by the way of life that we see all around us.

“Mr Hyde” is the persona we all use to express ourselves without limits. After all, there are times when all of us need some protection from the real world.

Hyde's combines bold fashion statements with delicate craftsmanship, exclusive materials and intricate detailing. We find our inspiration in individuality and evolution. Our designs are conceived by mind and hand in the traditional way, and are brought to life by the best Italian artisans in the Dolomite’s.

...end of story!